2014 - De Rada Year.

10 July 2014

Ministry of Culture, on the occasion of 200th birth anniversary of the great poet and Renaissance Jeronim De Rada, had the honor to announce the 2014 "Year De Rada".

This calendar includes all activities that have been developed and will be developed in Albania with this case. Other actors of valuable collaborators, thanks to which there is this calendar activities, are the University of Shkodra, University of Elbasan, Department of Albanology in Munich, Academy of Sciences of Albania, Kosovo Academy of Sciences, State University of Tirana, University "Eqerem Cabej" Gjirokastra, University "Fan Noli" in Korca, University "Ismail Kamal" in Vlora, the publishing house "Cabej" publishing house "Prince" Albanological Studies Center, University of Calabria, University of Cosenza, and two excellent researchers arberesh, Prof.. Matteo Mandala and Prof.. Francesco Altimari. Ministry of Culture contributes an early creation of National Action Committee on the occasion of 200th birth anniversary of De Rada, with the publication of his complete work beyond national essay contest for young "I Milosao". Also, the Ministry of Culture has its own important role in participation, promotion of these activities and the progress of this calendar.

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