A City's Wonders

9 July 2014

Dream City Fest is very proud to announce the first International Photography Festival in Albania. Dream City Fest is bringing together photographers, architects, designers from all around the world in to one city wide festival about photography.

About the Festival:
Tirana International Photo Fest was launched on May 12th, at the DCF expo venue located in the heart of Tirana, in the presence of friends, art lovers, photographers, architects and media. The organizers of the Festival would like to thank all the people who helped with the arrangements, who shared their ideas and gave their support. Special thanks go to our Sister Festival Month of Photography Denver, and to our always present big brother Tirana International Film Festival.

Theme of the Festival:
A City's Wonders capture the beauty and greatness in your city! Let your camera be the witness; your eye will be pleased and your mind will wander. There is not a "line" that will not direct the eye toward one that is further away, that is always to be reached.

The dates of the Festival are November 3-10, 2014. DCF will invite 10 international photographers interested in the City problematic.

Click here if you want to know how to submit or need more information.